ICEDA 2016

Langkawi, Malaysia | July 29-31, 2016


"Thanks to the participation and support of every invited speaker, presenter, and listener. 2016 International Conference on Engineering Design and Analysis has been successfully held in Langkawi, Malaysia during July 29-31, 2016."


Best Paper Award

Session 1
ICCBB 2016-B010-A-1157
Author Name: Assoc. Prof. Maria Constancia Carrillo
Author Affiliation: University of the Philippines Manila, Philippines
Paper Title: Towards Anti-TB Drugs: In Silico Discovery and In Vitro Activity of Inhibitors Against M. tuberculosis 7, 8-Diaminopelargonic Acid Synthas

Session 2
ICEDA 2016-ED018-1158
Author Name: Ms. Nireeksha Karode
Author Affiliation: Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland
Paper Title: Enhancement of the Mechanical Properties of Pebax Graphene Nanocomposite Using Supercritical Fluid Assisted Extrusion Polymer Processing Technique

Session 3
ICEDA 2016-ED021-1159
Author Name: Mr. Sharafat Ali
Author Affiliation: University Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia
Paper Title: Design of a Polarization Maintaining Large Negative Dispersion PCF using Rectangular Lattice

Session 4
ICEDA 2016-ED009-1160
Author Name: Mr. Mohamad Zairi Baharom
Author Affiliation: Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands
Paper Title: Kinematics Analysis of A Robotic Zipper Prototype For Miniaturization